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Morning Star Indian Foundation (MSIF) is an Indian charity organization. It was established in 2023 by a , Saurabh , Ramavtar Singh and Pradeep Kumar who connected with their intentions to create opportunities for rural Indian kids to receive a quality education.

Saurabh Is a native Indian born in a rural area of Mandawali in a family of farmers. It was his good fortune that he could have received a quality education, MBA included. Since his early age he has felt strong desire to create something meaningful within his community. His life motto is dream big and never give up.

Ramavtar Singh – [Ex. Army Person]

Who served the Indian army, he is retired from and now he is working as a farmer since there retirement he wanted to help the poors who cant afford to pay the fees of their children.

Pradeep Kumar – [Ex. Indian Navy]

His opinion is Dont Kick a man when he is down.

Help him up by saying encouraging and positive words.

Help one another

This is what God teach us.

This what i do.

And i do it with my Heart.



A child without education is like a bird without wings.

Education is the key that unlocks the golden door to freedom.

Nothing important was ever achieved without someone taking a chance.


MSIF aspires to become a lighthouse for underprivileged kids in rural areas of India, which can navigate them since their very early age and help them to reach best in their lives.
MSIF desires to discover their potentials and bring them up as they can use effectively their talents and skills through their future work for themselves and for others as well.
We work to bring together individuals, organizations, institutions and companies who are willing to give help and support where it is needed.

They just need
a chance and
they can change
the world.


Our mission is to establish a modern school for underprivileged kids free of charge so they can receive a
comparable education with the more privileged others. We plan to include modern way of teachings and later opportunities to study abroad.
As we are aware of the need of sustainability of our effort for long term period, we are connecting with local public authorities, strong business partners and institutions as well as with other NGOs.


Come work with us

If you would like to work for an organisation making a real impact non mauris vitae erat consequat auctor eu in.

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Help us to give him his wings


Help us to give him his wings